Become a member

Be part of something special to Halifax… by becoming a Grayston member you’ll be supporting the growth of something unique to our town & getting benefits in return.


You’ll get first shout for our gigs & events the chance to see exciting new bands as well as more established acts. In our first 6 years you could have seen the likes of Working Mens Club, The Lounge Society, Michael Chapman, Nadine Shah, Jeffery Lewis, The Burning Hell, Home Counties, Holiday Ghosts, Jim Ghedi, John Bramwell, DJ Format & loads more. We love punching above our weight & bringing pleasant surprises to the town. We have exciting dreams for the future we hope to make reality.



so how much is it & what do I get?

  • Discounts for all gigs ranging from £1 to £3
  • 5% bar discount (discounts apply to members drinks only)
  • 10% off any of our merch
  • First notice of any gig announcements
  • Opportunity to gain gig credits by volunteering to run the door at gigs
  • Sound check invites (for bigger shows)
  • 1 free ticket a year
  • Occasional guest list gig invites

And the cost?

12 month membership £27 to include £2 donation to Future Roots. Join at the bar or purchase HERE