Without new artists the future of the music industry & all those associated with it is bleak & these are challenging times for small venues, we’re the ones who give artists a chance, a chance to perform, to develop & hopefully grow & who knows some day they may be playing arenas & outdoor venues to thousands.We know it’s possible because we gave early chances to bands such as The Orielles & Working Men’s Club who’ve gone on to do just that, but it’s stupidly hard for bands to gig as venues struggle to pay decent amounts because ticket prices haven’t changed much in the past 15 years despite their overheads increasing massively.

So we could do nothing or we could be the first (we think) in the country to charge a fee (you can opt out) for every ticket sold which goes into a fund to provide financial assistance to artists who want to gig & tour but can’t afford to. It will be transparent, it won’t be just for Calderdale artists (though they will have priority) & will be easy to apply to & it just might help keep our industry growing whilst the big promoters just sit back & do little or nothing.

Venues need help too but that has to come from the big players, if that happens then a pipeline will be in place to ensure the UK continues to be a source of music inspiration & enjoyment.



Future Roots is our way of helping your Calderdale artists with help towards gig and other related costs.

It’s not a huge pot of money but we add a small levy to all tickets that we sell to go into the fund.  

What it can be used for?

Gig costs

We know it’s costly to gig and for young artists playing out of the borough can mean playing for next to nothing or nothing at all. So, if you have a gig outside of Calderdale you can apply for up to £50 to help with those costs and thus make out of area gigs that little more affordable. There’s no limit (subject to available funds) to how many gigs you can apply for support for in a year. All we ask is that you acknowledge our support on your socials prior to and after each gig that we support. 

Related costs

We can also support by paying up to £50 towards promo costs for out of borough gigs.

Any conditions?

You have to be aged 24 or under, play original material and live in Calderdale.

How to apply?

Simply email us at graystonunity@gmail.com with info on what you’d like us to support. From there we hope to make decisions very quickly.

Any questions?

Mail us at graystonunity@gmail.com