Monthly Fitness Yoga (Saturday)

Saturday 1st June 2024


Organised by Sarah Wightman.Free but you’ll be asked to donate to Happy Days Charity..being homeless is not a lifestyle choice!
Takes place in our main venue room.
Fitness yoga is a non dogma (so no chanting etc) class using all disciplines of yoga in a relaxed non elitist setting.
Groaning, moaning, ohhhing, ahhhing, exiting gas and mild cursing are acceptable and on occasion often celebrated
Fitness yoga at the GU is open to anyone from High School age upwards (although if you are 11-16 you will need an adult with you). There’s no age limit either as the class moves through all levels of fitness and abilities.
If you fancy feeling more mobile, less anxious, want to try to make a positive impact on your health this could be for you.
If you have a mat, great, turn up and find a space. If not we do have a number of mats available. Dress in something comfortable (speedos and mankinis are for the summer months only).
This class is run by Jim Byrd from The Good Mood Club a lifestyle athlete who has worked in fitness and wellness since 1995.
If you have a mat then come grab your space if not then book one as we have a few available.
It’s recommend that one adult and once child share a mat.
Clothes you can move in is great. As is a blanket for a post downward dog snuggle.