THE HAZY JANES + Crosscut Saw

Friday 29th November 2024


The Hazy Janes return to the Grayston Unity to celebrate the launch of their self-titled debut album, arriving November 2024.
With their rough around the edges style and metaphorical lyrics, the Hazy Janes create a noir-inspired musical experience that keeps you grooving. Their moody yet energising songs take listeners on a journey through shadowy alleys of emotions, while their upbeat and playful sound keeps spirits high.
Recording directly to tape, they capture the raw essence of their music, infusing it with a vintage charm reminiscent of the ‘60s and ‘70s. With their dynamic chemistry, the Hazy Janes bring the electrifying aura of classic rock to the modern stage.

Support from Crosscut Saw.
Tickets: £10 members/£11 full.
Buy from the bar/See Tickets.