Wheelchair Access

Accessibility Statement

We are based on Horton Street in Halifax. If coming by train we are a 1 minute ride away, If by car there is street car parking to the front. There’s a car park opposite (Westgate Arcade Car Park) and one to the rear (the nearest to the bar/venue), which can be accessed straight from that car park. Also one close by on Union Street (as well as street parking to the rear) but it’s on a slope. There are no blue badge specific bays to the front or rear.


We are wheelchair accessible via a platform. Please request an access form before your visit (not required thereafter) via emailing graystonunity@gmail.com . Any questions etc don’t hesitate to contact us via email or 07807136520 we are happy to help. The bar (& access to the platform is wheelchair accessible. It’s a relatively small venue with 110 capacity and will be allocating space for 2 wheelchairs.

There’s an accessible loo which is situated immediately before the access to the venue and just outside the bar room itself (accessible via Horton St too). The loo will not require a key to access it.

There’s a tiny bar to the rear of the venue space (the main bar is before you access the venue itself).

Unfortunately our upstairs snug (Tiny Grayston) is not wheelchair accessible.


We want the process to be straightforward as possible. As part of this we will ask you to complete a short form which you’ll only have to do once.Once we’ve received and confirmed everything is fine then you will not have to do it again for 3 years and it then means you can book a ticket for yourself and a personal assistant ticket (we only expect 1 ticket to be paid for). We do this to help ensure that the allocation of personal assistance tickets is fair and to also give the best experience we can with our resources.We will NOT ask for proof of disability.

To manage the process, spaces are issued on a first request basis and can only be requested if you are registered with us.Email graystonunity@gmail.com use the header ‘Access Request’ to request a form. Once we have received it and notified you then you can email us to book a ticket, this can then be paid for on arrival at the gig. Spaces are not confirmed without an email back from us. If the spaces have already been allocated you will be told and asked if you want to go on the waiting list.


We offer an annual membership scheme which gives a reduction on bar prices (5%), on ticket prices & on merch too. You’ll also get a regular newsletter emailed to you.

This is available at a price of £25 and we are fine for your personal assistant to have access to the benefits too.


From time to time we hold gigs at external venues such as Halifax Minster, The Albany Arcade & Arden Road Social Club. Whilst we will always try to help the best way to check on access to these venues is to make direct contact.


We hope to have an Access Co-ordinator that you can contact with any questions etc but we are only a small independent business and ths is not set up and this is not in place yet.If you’d be interested in being our co-ordinator get in touch, we can offer some gig tickets and a membership by way of remuneration. The best way to get in touch is via the email above but if you’ve not had a reply within a couple of days call us 07807136520. We might not always get things right but it’s our intention to do the best we can to open music and culture to all.